Michigan State’s Pro-Combat Helmet Leaked?

There has been no mention of Michigan State wearing a pro-combat jersey this season, but as of 5pm today there is reason to believe that the Spartans almost snuck a fast one by us.

A photo found its way onto Twitter around 5 PM, but most have reacted to it as a fake. I can understand the skepticism and maybe nine times out of ten I would agree with the skepticism, but I have reason to believe this helmet is real. I cannot give out any sources but according to those sources I do have this very well could be a reality for the helmet the Spartans will be wearing on Saturday. I have not been able to 100% confirm there will be a totally different uniform but I can say with certainty something is up for this weekend because these helmets are for real.

What jerseys will be worn with the helmet? I guess we will find out Saturday, but don’t say that I didn’t tell you that the Spartans would be wearing them this weekend.  

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