Bielema can’t let OSU or Big Ten go and it’s just getting sad

Awww, how cute….. Ex-Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema is still thinking about us here in Big Ten Country. Apparently so much so that he felt the need to tweet about it late on a Sunday night. 

Maybe this was one of those strange drunken tweets that we are all aware of? For some they've replaced the crazy drunken texts. 

Either that or it's likely that Bielema simply can't shake the Big Ten out of him. After all, he played for Iowa and coached at Wisconsin for the past seven years. That's a lot of Big Ten to get out of the system. 

His infatuation with what is going on in his old conference is fascinating, if only because it's so curious considering his recent comments about being jealous of the SEC while coaching in the Big Ten. 

Don't you think for a coach so obsessed with the SEC while in the Big Ten, he'd be able to let go of his old home faster than he has? It sure has been an interesting offseason for Bielema who has wagged an ongoing twitter war with Badger trolls and has ruffled feathers with his comments about his old home team and conference while singing the praises of the conference he once loathed. 

All this coming from a guy claiming to be "real and honest 100% of the time." Call me crazy but I smell hypocrisy  brewing…. Just sayin there Mr. #1and0

Andrew Coppens

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