Predicting the 2013 Illinois football schedule

Back at it again… you know the drill by now. After giving you two straight days of the Legends division it's time to cap off a double dose of the Leaders division today as I tackle my thoughts on just how year two of the Tim Beckman era is going to go.  Don't forget to […]

Countdown to Kickoff: Illinois Edition

We continue our week long look at everything Illini football for the 2013 season today with another edition of our "Countdown to Kickoff" podcast series. This week we spoke with Robert from to get his perspective on all things Illini.  Topis discussed include living in football purgatory, Nathan Scheelhaase and his crazy career at […]

Illinois Football Preview: Can Scheelhaase’s swan song be a happy one?

  Yesterday we took a look at the defense and as bleak as that picture was, the offense was it’s equal in 2012. However, we aren’t here to re-hash what went down last year and that’s as much because it’s painful as it is pointless. Why pointless? That’s because the co-offensive coordinator experiment from last […]

Illinois Football Preview: 2012 a bitter memory for Illini

  There's no other way to describe 2012 for the Illini football program than to call it by what it was…. an unmitigated disaster. Fans, coaches, and players would as soon forget it and move forward.  However, it appears that the coaching staff and the players have taken to not forgetting it on the whole, […]

Wes Lunt choses Illini as new home

Wes Lunt and the Illini – it was a marriage (in Lunt's case his 2nd) that was long rumored to be happening, but news broke earlier on Monday that he will indeed join the Orange and Navy under Tim Beckman.  BREAKING: Wes Lunt will transfer to the University of Illinois. — Zach Kerker (@ZachKerker)

Illini event in Northwestern’s backyard cancelled

Just last week we reported that the Illinois Coaches Caravan was about to make a stop right in the backyard of in-state rival Northwestern, however earlier today the owner of the bar this coaches meet & greet was supposed to happen at gave it the boot.  Why? According to the post the owner didn't […]

Illini about to plant flag in Northwestern’s backyard?

There's rivalry shenanigans and then there's what the Illini are about to pull in a few weeks. Chicago has long been a fighting ground for the college sports fans hearts – after all, it's the number one location for grads of Big Ten schools in the country – but for decades it's been the battle […]

2013 Spring Football Exit Interview: Illinois Edition

Throughout the month of April the Big Ten will spend a Friday night and a lot of Saturday afternoon's in front of crowds going through spring football games. As things wind down we will bring you the thoughts of those plugged in to the programs – fellow bloggers and beat writers.  Last week we put […]

2012-13 Big Ten Basketball Review: Illinois Fighting Illini

If you've been following along with us all season long then you know that we tend to do things that aren't always done by other outlets and one of those things is taking a look back – back to what they said when previewing a season – and frankly we find that a bit odd.  […]

Illini offense impresses in spring game

On a blustery Friday night in Champaign improvement was easily recognizable despite the crazy amount of injuries going into and during spring. Well, improvement was the name of the game for the offensive side of the ball at the least as the Blue team, led by Nathan Scheelhaase, won 35-28 over the Orange team led […]

Illini’s Brandon Paul beats buzzer to open Big Ten tournament

As if we didn't already know its – the Big Ten is the best conference with the best basketball in all the land. We all knew the Big Ten tournament could provide us with some crazy basketball, but kicking it off like this?  Yep, it's going to be a wild ride to Sunday's championship if […]

Illini suspend star WR Darius Millines

On Monday Illinois head coach Tim Beckman announced that he was suspending star wide receiver Darius Millines from the team for a violation of team policies. He wouldn't elaborate on that suspension, other than to say his status would be re-evaluated in May. O.k., so maybe calling Millines a "star" at any level other than […]