Editor Picks: Predicting Northwestern’s 2013 schedule

Throughout the summer we've gone through all but one team (it's Nebraska week here at TheB1GTime – so pass that along) and we've given you a breakdown of each teams' schedule. However, we haven't put fingers to keys and told you exactly how one of us or any of us actually sees the schedule playing […]

Countdown to Kickoff: Northwestern Wildcats edition

We're back with our 5th episode of the Countdown to Kickoff series and today it's Phillip Rossman-Reich of jumping into the hot seat. We preview the 2013 team and answer the mystery of how the heck Pat Fitzgerald is hitting on recruits this program never would've gotten before. That and much more too.  Make […]

Northwestern Football Preview: Schedule Breakdown

We've come down to the end of the week talking Northwestern football and that means it's time to actually begin breaking down how the season itself plays out. After all, we've talked all about the players and the variables at hand all week.  So, today we get moving by breaking down the Wildcats 2013 schedule, […]

Northwestern Football Preview: Defense looking to better itself in 2013

Chances are when you think Northwestern football you think of offense and the likes of Venric Mark and Kain Colter. Chances are that most casual fans couldn't name more than one player on the Northwestern defense. Strangely enough, that may be just fine with this group of underrated and overachieving players.  It's also the side […]

Northwestern Football Preview: 2012 sets new tone for Wildcats future

  Evanston was awash in rejoicing and Northwestern alumni around the world could finally celebrate. That's how 2012 ended and 2013 began and rightfully so after perhaps the 2nd most successful season in Northwestern football history. However, the story of 2012 could've been vastly better, amazingly.  So much so that head coach Pat Fitzgerald didn't […]

VIDEO: Northwestern’s Coach Fitz going Hollywood

Anyone who thinks Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is above poking fun at himself, well be prepared to have your bubble burst at bit. That's because Northwestern just released this awesome and actually pretty funny promotional video today. It's a good spoof of the "This is SportsCenter" series from ESPN…..  

2013 Preseason Top 25 Players: No. 12, Venric Mark

Where has the time gone… No seriously, it feels like just yesterday we were unveiling the very first  player on our list. Yet, here we are creeping up on the Top 10.  It's safe to say we're really beginning to start splitting hairs when it comes to the differences between players that put them in […]

2013 Preseason Top 25 Players: No. 14, Kain Colter

If you like throwback football then you'll love what's coming up today on our Big Ten Top 25 Players countdown that's for sure!  Northwestern football is under a huge renaissance, in fact they are dangerously close to becoming the glory years of Wildcats football. Gone are the days of "Lake the Posts" being a chant […]

2012-13 Basketball Season Review: Northwestern Wildcats

Remember the book and movie "The NeverEnding Story"? If not, well, just think of it as a fantasy version of the Northwestern Wildcats who are on a never ending quest to make just one, yes ONE NCAA Tournament birth.  2012-13 was the season – or so we thought could be possible if things went their […]

Collins to be named next Northwestern basketball coach

It'll be sweet home Chicago for one Chris Collins, as a report from states that Northwestern is set to hire the Illinois native and Duke assistant to be their next head coach. Collins replaces Bill Carmody, who was let go two weeks ago after 13 years at the helm of the Wildcats program.  To […]

Don’t go a changing Northwestern

Change – it's the buzzword around the Northwestern program right now thanks to the firing of long time basketball head coach Bill Carmody yesterday and rightfully so. However, there is a bit of a disturbing trend to what some mean when they use the word "change." That's the beauty of the English language after all, […]

Carmody not returning to Northwestern

Sometimes the simplest of statements are the most profound and that's what we got out of the Northwestern Athletic Department as they announced the firing of Bill Carmody as their men's head basketball coach.  Northwestern University Vice President for Athletics and Recreation Jim Phillips has announced that Bill Carmody will not return as the head […]

Northwestern & Wrigley Field: A marriage made in marketing heaven

Northwestern uses the term "Chicago's Big Ten Team" and they've taken more and more steps to claim that territory for their own in recent years, including a historic football game played at venerable Wrigley Field in 2011. Well, on Tuesday the school and the Chicago Cubs announced an agreement to hold at least five future […]

Northwestern key to new Big Ten divisional lineup?

There have been a lot of rumors and reports, and heck even a survey telling us that the Big Ten is really focused on updating it's division structure when they add Maryland and Rutgers in 2014. Proposals have included everything from splitting up the new guys into the divisions to creating an "inner/outer" divisional […]