O’Brien Fails To Name A Starter…Again

Bill O'Brien addressed the media this afternoon and proclaimed that he still has not decided who will start this season at QB for Penn State. Instead, O'Brien said that he will make a decision by the end of the week who will start against Syracuse and that both Christian Hackenberg and Tyler Ferguson will see time this year. Ladies and Gentleman, this has officially gotten ridiculous. 

I am a staunch believer in Bill O'Brien and I think that he is a fantastic coach, but he is doing the team a big disservice by failing to name a starter this late in training camp. 

To make it clear, it does not matter who gets the start because both players have similar skill sets and will be dropped into an offense loaded with talent. It is more a matter of the starter getting adequate snaps in preparation for the Syracuse game. Penn State has the talent to win NOW and O'Brien's indecision is putting this fact in jeopardy.

So coach, please do us all a favor and name a starter so you can start to actually focus on the Syracuse game and the season beyond that.