Big Ten basketball tops the nation once again

It's no secret around Big Ten country – college basketball has become king as of late. Sure, most of the attention is given to the football side of things, but in terms of actual national prominence and fan attendance the sport of basketball has become king. That happened again in the 2012-13 season as the Big Ten led the nation in attendance for the 37th straight season. 

In fact the conference was so dominant that they beat out the next best league by more than 2,400 fans a game. The Big Ten almost cracked the 3 million fan mark in 2012-13, setting yet another all-time conference wide attendance record of 2,937,630 fans attending 224 games. Eclipsing the 2 million fan mark shouldn't really surprise anyone as this is the 21st straight season that feat has been accomplished by the conference as well. 

At the individual level the conference did very well for themselves, with seven schools ranking in the top 25 in average attendance. Just to hammer the point home even more, the next closest conference had just three schools in that category. Indiana was the B1G leader, ranking 5th nationally (17,412). Wisconsin was next, ranking 7th (16,843), and they were followed by No. 9 Ohio State (16,542), No. 17 Illinois (15,013), No. 18 Michigan State (14,341), No. 21 Iowa (13,625) and No. 23 Minnesota (12,850). 

Of course, it would also follow that the return of the Big Ten tournament to the United Center in Chicago set an all-time attendance record. The event entertained 124,543 fans over it's four day stay in the Windy City. Average attendance for all six sessions came to 20,575 fans.

It's safe to say that while on the gridiron the Big Ten has had it's struggles, no one can compare in the world of college basketball – the Big Ten is the King of the Mountain once again.

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