Big Ten beat writers love them some Buckeyes in 2013

Stop the presses everyone…. Ohio State is going to win the Big Ten in 2013. They don't even have to play the games. Well, that is if you believe the beat writers polled in the third annual Big Ten media poll organized by The Plain Dealer.

All but one writer has the Buckeyes winning the final edition of the Leaders Division, while things on the other side are much, MUCH more convoluted. Michigan and Nebraska split the 1st place votes for the Legends division with fourteen a piece, however Michigan took the title with three more total points than Nebraska. The only other team to receive first place votes was Michigan State with four. 

Here are how the media see the division races playing out according to The Plain Dealer. 

Leaders Division
1. Ohio State 155.5 (26)
2. Wisconsin 128 (1)
3. Penn State 104
4. Indiana 74.5
5. Purdue 52.5
6. Illinois 31.5

Legends Division
1. Michigan 135.5 (14)
2. Nebraska 132.5 (14)
3. Michigan State 101.5 (4)
4. Northwestern 95.5
5. Iowa 43
6. Minnesota 38 

So, now about that Big Ten Championship game…. Apparently it won't matter one bit who the Legends division winner is as Ohio State wins the game in 25 of the 26 ballots, with Michigan beating Ohio State in the one ballot that didn't go the Buckeyes' way. 

Big Ten Championship picks:

Ohio State over Nebraska (12)
Ohio State over Michigan (11)
Ohio State over Michigan State (2)
Michigan over Ohio State (1)

So there you have it…. What say you? 

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