Big Ten Spring Football dates are finalized

It seems like we haven't really had much of an offseason this year in the Big Ten football world. Part of that is the fact that there are two new head coaches and three more bringing in their first full classes as head coaches, the other part of that is the fact that realignment chatter just won't go away either – wether it's adding more teams or what the new divisions should look like come July 1st of next year when Maryland and Rutgers join up. 

But, don't fret as we won't be getting much of a break anyway as all teams have finalized their Spring football game and practice start dates. Here is the chart for you (h/t to

Illinois March 5 April 12
Indiana March 2 April 13
Iowa March 27 April 27 (final practice)
Michigan March 16 April 13
Michigan State March 19 April 20
Minnesota March 26 April 27
Nebraska March 2 April 6
Northwestern February 27 April 13
Ohio State March 5 April 13
Penn State March 18 April 20
Purdue March 19 April 13
Wisconsin March 9 April 20

So, as we come to you we are now just under 19 days to the start of Big Ten Spring practices getting under way with Northwestern starting on Feb. 27th. Indiana and Nebraska are next to open things up on March 2nd. Ohio State and Illinois are next to join the parade on the 5th of March and Wisconsin follows just four days later to really get things going. Minnesota and Iowa are the last to the parade, not opening up practices until march 26th and 27th.

We'll be coming to you with some fun breakdowns and looks at each team in the next 22 days. We'll also be bringing you the relevant updates from each team throughout there spring practices and full reports following each teams Spring game in April.

Enjoy the next few weeks of time off before the craziness begins again in Big Ten football.

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