Big Ten Tailgate Tour: Week 3 has tons of travel options


If only we had a private jet instead of a tricked out bus for this tailgate tour… (Who wants to let us borrow their's for a weekend in September?) Why do we say that? Well, just take a look at what is in store for week three of the season for the Big Ten and you'll see a ton of really attractive options for us to take in. 

So, where are we pulling the bus up to and setting up shop for week three? Before we go there don't forget to check out where we went for week one and week two

Games in consideration: 

Washington at Illinois
Ohio State at Cal
Wisconsin at Arizona State
UCLA at Nebraska
Iowa at Iowa State

Where the bus stops for week 3: Wisconsin at Arizona State – Sure it was really tough to pass up a trip to Lincoln to see the Huskers take on the Bruins. After all that is going to be a hell of a matchup and the atmosphere should be great there. Personally, it's really hard to pass up seeing Iowa at Iowa State (having attended ISU myself) go at it for the CyHawk Trophy (Quick side note… How many TD's does it take to beat the Hawkeyes? NONE).

All of that said how can you pass up the chance to live it up in the sun one last time? Seriously, could there be two more hard partying fan bases in the country? Well, at least student sections that is. Plus, it's night time in the desert too – one of the better scenes in college football. Sorry, folks passing up this game ain't gonna happen for our crew. It really helps that ASU and Wisconsin are expected to be players in their respective divisions as well and this meeting will be a real test for both schools. So, combining the best of tailgating with an important game in a city this bus may never get to visit again and you have the only reasons you need to know for why we are making this trek to Tempe.

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