Big Time changes ahead for the Big Ten?


Change, it's something we're a little bit familiar with here at The B1G Time, right? Well, brace yourselves as there could be some big change ahead for the B1G itself – at least according to an interview Jim Delany did with's Brett McMurphy. 

So, what changes are ahead? Well, according to the article Delany said in the next three to four months, his league would look at the Big Ten's future bowl lineup, divisions, rivalries, branding and "a whole series of related issues."

No big deal or anything, right? 

Or it could be a massive sea change for the Big Ten and we could be looking at a completely new conference with the same name – or perhaps we could be looking at a brand new conference with a brand new name? 

O.k., perhaps that last part is a far fetched idea, but what we've seen from this conference in the past few years tells us to brace for just about anything. 

The most encouraging thing is that the names of Leaders and Legends could be scraped, it's two seasons in and I still have to think hard as to who's in which division at times. That's not good news considering I cover the league on a daily basis, so I can only imagine how the casual fan and the fans that will be introduced to the league in 2014 can be confused. 

For me the most encouraging part of all of this is the fact that we could see a bigger emphasis on rivalries and perhaps a change to a nine game conference schedule. I don't know about you, but not having Iowa vs. Wisconsin or Wisconsin vs. Michigan State on a more regular basis is a travesty, one that can be corrected by playing that ninth game. 

It would also serve the fan of the game well as I'd rather see a ninth Big Ten game, no matter the opponent than see some lowly FCS program come in for a paycheck and take a 60 or 70 point beatdown – unless your Minnesota, in which case look out, you're in for a challenge.

As for the bowl matchups, look for the Big Ten to attempt to put themselves in at least one more game out west – perhaps the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, which would pit them against a Pac-12 opponent. Oh, and fully expect them to announce a partnership with the Pinstripe Bowl. I shouldn't even have to tell you why that one would make sense, right?

No matter what happens, buckle up for change ahead, it could be a bumpy ride and I for one hope we come out at our destination with a lot of positive changes happening. But, this is Jim Delany and the Big Ten we are talking about, so it could be hit or miss to say the least. 

Andrew Coppens

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