BTN announces TV crews for 2013 season

BTN has become an accepted part of the sports TV viewing landscape over the past half a decade or more and a lot of that has to do with the personalities it's hired to fill it's studios as well as call it's games. However, with the advent of Fox Sports 1 some of that lineup is changing. 

The one thing that won't change is the studio team hosting the Saturday flagship show Big Ten Football Saturday, as Dave Revsin, Howard Griffith, and Gerry DiNardo are back for their seventh season in studio. 

As for the on-air teams look for the main guys to be Matt Devlin (play-by-play) and Glen Mason (analyst). Joining them as the teams in the booth are Kevin Kugler (play-by-play) and Chuck Long (analyst); and Eric Collins (play-by-play) and Derek Rackley (analyst). According to the BTN release Mason, Long, and Rackley will make in-studio appearances throughout the season as well. 

Boy, who isn't looking forward to the awesome insight of Mason once again? 

However, not everything is staying the same because BTN is adding to it's lineup of announcers and commentators with Eric Crouch (analyst), Chris Denari (play-by-play), Jim Miller (studio analyst), Paul Burmeister (play-by-play), and Marcus Ray (studio analyst) joining the team. 

Personally, Eric Crouch is the name that really stands out for me, I enjoyed what he brought to the table this season in Nebraska and having a former Heisman Trophy winner on your team doesn't hurt. It will be interesting how a guy like Denari, who is the television play-by-play man for the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever, will translate to the college football game. 

However, the biggest name added to this mix is that of Paul Burmesiter who currently works for the NFL Network and does some work for Siruis/XM Radio as well. He does play-by-play for the NFL Network and in general I think his work has grown on me as both a studio guy and a guy plugged into the college football world with his coverage of the Senior Bowl, Draft Combine and things of that nature. 

All of those names will be joined by the returning analysts Brandon Williams, Antwaan Randle El, Jon Jansen, Danan Hughes and J Leman.

Overall BTN appears to have found themselves a solid group of play-by-play and commentators for us, as fans, to not want to gouge our eyes out and stick pencils in our ears every Saturday. Is it a perfect lineup? No, but you can't expect that to happen – different strokes for different folks and all. 

Andrew Coppens

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