San Diego here we come.. Big Ten officially adds Holiday Bowl

Let's see… Crappy snow, sleet, freezing rain and downright cold winter weather or Sunny and mild to warm San Diego over the holidays? Hard to not chose the later, right? Well, for five groups of lucky Big Ten fans that's exactly the choice that will be in front of them as the conference, along with the Pac-12 announced they will begin a six year agreement with the famed Holiday Bowl from 2014 to 2019. 

“The Big Ten Conference is pleased to return to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego,” Big Ten Commissioner James E. Delany said. “During the bowl evaluation process we heard our Directors of Athletics and head coaches tell us that the Holiday Bowl was a reward destination they wanted the conference to be a part of. The Holiday Bowl has a long history and tradition of managing bowl games that have tremendous appeal to participating teams and their fans, and we are excited by the opportunity to return to an area of Southern California that has such a strong and vibrant Big Ten football following.”

This isn't the first time the Big Ten has had an agreement with the bowl either, fielding teams in San Diego from 1992-1994. Overall the conference has played in nine Holiday Bowl games with Indiana being the first, winning in 1979. However, none of the games have ever had the importance that the 1984 Holiday Bowl had with Michigan facing BYU with the National Championship on the line…. and we should all know how that went down. 

As a fan of college football you have to love being a part of this game. On a nearly annual basis this is one of the most exciting games played during bowl season and it's history is rich with some of the biggest names in college football history taking part in it.

The Holiday Bowl has made it clear they wanted a marquee matchup and getting the Pac-12 vs. Big Ten accomplished that for them.

“We are entering a new and exciting time for the Holiday Bowl,” said Bill Geppert, 2013 Bowl president. “The Holiday Bowl has a rich history as ‘America’s Most Exciting Bowl Game’ and this new agreement lays the foundation for continued success. In the ever-changing world of college football, we are excited to begin this new chapter that will no doubt provide a huge economic impact to San Diego as our community welcomes thousands of college football fans to our beautiful city every December.”

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