Tailgate Tour 2013: Bitter rivalry on the menu for week 2


Last week we began our "Tailgate Tour" where we take a trip into dreamland and motor around Big Ten country and perhaps the rest of the lower 48 as well, all in search of the best tailgating and the best games to take in involving the Big Ten. 

We started things in Iowa City, where the tailgating is up there and the game for opening week is worth catching on it's own. This week, we really crank things up a notch or ten as the rivalries begin to go down. So, where is our magical dream bus off to this week? 

Of course we can't spill the beans right off the bat… DUH, what kind of people do you take us for. First, let us explore the games we've considered for this week, shall we? Come on board the B1GTime Bus and let the fun begin! 

Games in Consideration:

– Notre Dame at Michigan
– South Florida at Michigan State
– Navy at Indiana
– Cincinnati at Illinois

Where the bus stops for Week 2:

Notre Dame at Michigan: Like there could be any other choice. To say this rivalry has been spiced up a notch or two wouldn't be doing what's happened in the past year any justice. First off, both of these teams are likely Top 25 contenders as we get to week two. Secondly, have you been paying attention over the past year…. If not, how's about ND handing Dave Brandon a note like a kid in the 4th grade telling their rival that they are backing out of the series on the NIGHT BEFORE THE GAME in 2012. That has prompted Brady Hoke to call ND out as chickens for backing out of the series as a whole. 

You get the picture. How could we possibly miss out on a night game in Ann Arbor to begin with? Add in one of the nation's better rivalry games and two tradition rich football teams looking to shake off last season's disappointments against each other. Oh, and I hear the folks around Michigan Stadium (all 100,000 plus of them) enjoy themselves a lavish tailgate party or two. 

So, we'll park the B1GTime Bus in Ann Arbor for week two of our trip and catch one of the last games to played for quite some time between these old-school rivals. 


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