Tailgate Tour 2013: Hoosier state has our attention in week 4


Week three was a tough one for us… It was really hard to pass up a chance to see a great matchup between two likely Top 25 teams in UCLA and Nebraska, but sun and fun in Tempe, AZ is just too much to pass up. So, following a massive roadie out west the TheB1GTime Bus returns to it's roots in the Midwest for week four. 

After all, it is only right we keep things at home more than we worry about seeing road games being played, right? Luckily week four solves that problem as the Hoosier state plays a part in three of the bigger games on tap for the Big Ten that week. So, hint – we'll be focusing there…. But the question is which game are we going to witness? 

Games in Consideration:

– Michigan State at Notre Dame

– San Jose State at Minnesota

– Missouri at Indiana

– Purdue at Wisconsin

Where the Bus Stops for Week 4?: Missouri at Indiana

So, I'm sure this will surprise a few with the "big game" matchup between Michigan State and Notre Dame being there for the taking. Don't get me wrong, if you have a chance to witness a game at Notre Dame Stadium you don't pass it up. However, knowing their relationship with some of the schools in the Big Ten there will be other opportunities to visit those hallowed grounds. 

As for the choice of Indiana as our hosts for week four this was almost a no-brainer for me. Why? Well, despite the crappy records this team has regularly produced the tailgating is way up there on the list of things a true Big Ten fan must witness and preferably before October and crappy weather hits as well. That alone was good enough for me to make the bus driver take us to Bloomington. 

However, this game has a lot of potential undertones to it as well. It happens to be a rare SEC vs. Big Ten matchup that doesn't happen during the bowl season or on neutral turf these days and make no mistake about it, the argument about top-to-bottom conference strength is on the line here. If the Hoosiers want to make a statement about their program and where it stands in year three under Kevin Wilson this is THE game to do it in. 

Oh, and if the game doesn't turn out the way the Hoosiers want, at least we as fans are likely to see a high powered matchup with a ton of scoring. So, if you're into no defense (a.k.a. Big 12) football this will be a lot of fun for you. Personally I'm not that big of a fan, but that won't stop me from enjoying a matchup that has great significance. 

Don't think SEC fans will let it slide should the Hoosiers lose at home and you better believe we'll be ringing the B-1-G bell loud and proud should the Hoosiers win. In the end this game is all about establishing the Hoosiers program and about re-establishing the Big Ten's standing in the world of college football. Besides, who in Big Ten country doesn't take pleasure in knocking the mighty SEC off their perch just one more rung, huh?

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