Tailgate Tour 2013: Week 6 in Chitown


We've taken our imaginary bus (hint, hint… anyone wanna provide us with the funds for a real one we'd listen… wink, wink) around Big Ten country and after a break for the 4th of July holiday and well, we won't talk about what happened the week after, the bus pulls back up to head to our new destination in week six of the 2013 season. 

So far we've visited Iowa City, Ann Arbor, Tempe, Bloomington, and Columbus and this new week provides us with some interesting options as Big Ten play is in full swing. 

Games Under Consideration:

– Minnesota at Michigan
– Ohio State at Northwestern
– Penn State at Indiana

Where the Bus Stops for Week 6: Ohio State at Northwestern – Look, Ryan Field may not be a massive "home field advantage" but it's still an interesting place to visit and in week six they see the best game of the season head to town. Northwestern could be undefeated or with just one loss at this point in time and that could mean a top 15 clash on the shores of Lake Michigan. The tailgating scene will be fun to check out as will the numbers of OSU fans invading Evanston for the game. Could we be pulling the bus up to this game and doing it early because ESPN GameDay will be in town? Well, if both teams are undefeated it's hard to see how this game won't be. Call us curious about what Evanston will bring to the table now that there are expectations at hand for this team. 

Andrew Coppens

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