The Godfather to be in the Big Ten ’till 2018

Got to love secret contract extensions and negotiations, right? Well, amazingly, somehow the folks at the mothership (ESPN for those of you unaware or just drawing a blank) managed to find this information out for us in the general public. According to what they uncovered the man, the myth, the Godfather of the new Big Ten, Jim Delany, got a contract extension in secrecy back in 2011 that will keep him on board until at least 2018. 

That would mean Delany, who is 65 right now, would be 70 when this deal expires. So, why until 2018? 

Well, that would put Delany in charge of going through the next round of TV contract negotiations and implementation. That's a smart move for the conference if you ask us. For some of his faults, TV deals have never been amongst those and his move to get BTN off the ground has proven to be a stroke of genius for the conference as a whole. 

After all, the Big Ten is currently the richest – paying out more money to its members (per member) than any other conference in the nation. 

What will truly be interesting to see is if in these negotiations Delany also begins to groom someone to take over for him. It's hard to see the man staying on past this current contract with his age and the demands that are put on commissioners these days. 

This extension will also make Delany the longest serving commissioner in Big Ten history, doing so by a mile over Major John L. Griffin, who held the post from 1922 until his death in 1944. Let us all hope that we never see another commissioner die in office, huh?

Andrew Coppens

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