Indiana Football Preview: Schedule Breakdown



It’s the final day of our Indiana Preview week! Today we will be breaking down the Hoosiers schedule. We have ranked the toughest non-conference schedule and B1G schedules and Indiana was given the 4th ranked non-conference schedule and the 6th hardest B1G schedule. I will be breaking down their schedule into three categories: Winnable games, Swing games and not a chance in hell games.

Winnable Games: Indiana St, Navy, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue

Unfortunately for a talented Indiana team they face a pretty tough schedule in 2013. There are not many if any guaranteed victories for Indiana, though they should win at least 4 of their 5 winnable games. The Navy offense will surely give the Hoosiers fits, but they should win at home. Indiana has 8 home games in 2013, which may help them pull off some unexpected wins.

Swing Games: Bowling Green, Missouri

The MAC surprised quite a few people in 2012 and Bowling Green had their way in the MAC finishing 6-2 in league play. The Falcons are accustomed to hostile crowds as they nearly pulled the upset in the swamp @Florida in 2012. The Bowling Green v Indiana game will be quite a good game to watch and either team could win that one.  Missouri on the other hand had quite a tough 2012, though I do expect them to get back on track and give the Hoosiers quite a game in Indiana.

Not a Chance in Hell Games: Penn St, @Michigan St, @Michigan, @Wisconsin, @Ohio State

Well the title speaks volumes: I do not see Indiana winning a single one of these games. Sure they get Penn State at home, but Penn State looks to be very good in 2013, or at least better than Indian in my opinion. The other 4 games are on the road against the remaining top four teams in the B1G not named Penn State. In other words, the schedule makers did Indiana no favors in the B1G. If I had to make a guess, I would predict Indiana to finish the season with 6 wins and be bowl eligible for 2013. 

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