Predicting the 2013 Iowa football schedule

If you've been following along here at TheB1GTime all summer long, I've been hinting at my thoughts about two teams being far worse than people think and today it's one of those teams in specific as I look at the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Some people have the Hawkeyes as a team that can make a rebound […]

Hawkeyes receive major blow before season even starts, yet again

What else is new around the Iowa football program as of late. Seriously, if it's not a running back transferring or going down to injury in camp, it's a player getting in trouble with the law, or it's a prized recruit seeing a fight break out in the locker room (allegedly). Point being things over […]

Iowa Football Preview: Has offense turned the corner?

After a few days off of our coverage of Iowa football this week for Big Ten media days we'll be back this weekend with a look at all things Hawkeyes. We last left you with a look at the defense and today we move to the other side of the ball.  For all the disappointment […]

Iowa Football Preview: 2012, a season to forget for Hawkeyes

Um…. Ya, there's no way to spin 2012 as anything other than a major step backwards for the Iowa Hawkeyes football program. Going 4-8 overall and just 2-6 in Big Ten play isn't very good. In fact it's the 2nd worst record in conference play during the Kirk Ferentz era at Iowa and the 4-8 […]

CyHawk game to get late kick – nothing could go wrong there, right?

Rivalry games are fun, plain and simple. There's nothing like a week of razing your co-workers, fellow students, and heck even family members. In fact the only thing that really tops it all is game day and the awesomeness that is tailgating in the Midwest. However, the wisdom of what's about to happen to one […]

Alford’s UCLA hire opens barely closed wounds at Iowa

The Steve Alford era at Iowa – it's a touchy subject for any Hawkeye fan for things that happened on and off the court in Iowa City and a lot of it surrounds a dip in play from what was happening under Dr. Tom Davis, where winning NCAA tournament games were the norm, rather than […]

Final Four Week…. NIT preview style!

We began our "Final Four Week" here with a great podcast talking about all the goings on in and around the Big Ten and college basketball at large. Then it was on to our reasons why Michigan would win it all. However, I bet you didn't know that there's another "Final Four" taking place in […]

Iowa’s Marble goes trey crazy in win over South Carolina State

Roy Devyn Marble… Psshhh, more like Roy "Trey" Marble. Yes, I know… that was… AAWWWFFUUULLL, but Marble has been the exact opposite of that over the past two games and he really put an exclamation point on it all in the Hawkeyes' 90-46 win over South Carolina State on Wednesday night. Marble went for 27 […]

AIRBHG Strikes Iowa as yet another running back transfers

Stop me if you've heard this headline before – XYZ Hawkeye running back has announced his intention to transfer from the university and the football program. Well, here you go with another one of those headlines as Greg Garmon has told the Hawkeyes football staff that he will transfer out of the program.  If you're […]

Iowa Suffers Black Eye Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

If you are one to get easily sick to their stomach then I suggest turning away because what took place within the University of Iowa athletic department is about as bad as it gets. According to reports an academic advisor for student-athletes engaged in repeated, frequent, and well-known about violations of the universities sexual harassment […]

2012-13 Big Ten Basketball Preview: Iowa Hawkeyes

My how things have changed around Carver-Hawkeye arena in just two years of the Fran McCaffery era. They went to a postseason tournament for the first time, albeit the NIT, since 2006 last season and also posted their first winning record since that 2006 season. They even swept the season series against Wisconsin, a feat […]

Spring Football Starting 11 – Iowa Hawkeyes

As Spring football begins around the Big 10, we're going to go around to each team in the conference and check in to see where the programs are at in the offseason.  For each team, we'll provide a Spring Football primer that contains some of the pertinent information for each team including looking back at […]

The Muscle Disease that Shook Iowa

Kirk Ferentz and Iowa faced a tough situation when 13 players came down with a rare muscle disorder in February. Photo by Ryan Christopher Young via Flickr/PhotoRee. Teams across the country will get back to the football field this week as basketball season prepares to come to an end. Spring is sort of that rebirth […]