Michigan State planning $20 million stadium upgrade

The college football arms race continues and this time it's the Spartans of Michigan State stepping up their game, at least according to a report from the Detroit Free Press. 

In the report it's claimed that MSU will begin work later this summer on a $20 million dollar renovation of Spartan Stadium. Well, it's really more of an addition than a renovation if you ask us, but semantics, schemantics, right? 

So, what will the new parts of Spartan Stadium include? According to the report it will have the following: 

The plan calls for a two-level building at the north end of the stadium. On the first level will be locker rooms for both teams and coaches, a locker room for officials, an equipment room and a media center.

Now, if you know what game day is like for the media, officials, and players this is about the smartest move they could make. Us in the media get a lovely trip to a trailer for interviews, officials don't even have a locker room to speak of, and well… from what I know the Spartans locker room isn't exactly a thing of beauty or even mild space. 

Moves like this only help in recruiting to say the least. Additionally there's expected to be a new recruiting room included in the construction project, yet another indication that it's all about the recruiting arms race. 

Perhaps the best bit of news if you are worried about where the money will come from is that will be paid for with $14 million in donations ($10 million already raised) and $6 million in athletic department funds. 

So, at least no student fees will be increased or ticket prices going up to help pay all of that. 

If you are a Spartans fan you have to be pleased with this move, it's yet another example that perhaps this time around success can be sustained as you have an AD willing to put his money where his mouth is to help out the No. 1 factor in success – recruiting. 

Andrew Coppens

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