MSU 2013 commit quits football to focus on rap career

File this under the poor life choice category…. 

Yep, you're reading that correctly, Jay Harris, a three- star WR recruit (according to 247sports composite) notified Michigan State coaches on Monday night two weeks ago that he will not attend MSU and is instead focusing on of all things… a rap career. You can now call him Jay DatBull…. 

I'm not sure which is more of a crap shoot, chasing a dream of playing in the NFL or getting rich from a rap career, but judging from this YouTube clip we were alerted to by our own SpartanWill, Ya… good luck with that pal.

Sure, I'm no musical genius or anything, but I also happened to enjoy hip-hop when it was actually good and this ain't it to say the least. 

Good luck in your career Jay DatBull… Get that money, cause without a college education, you're going to need to hit a home run with this career, trust me on that.

On the other hand, this is an 18 year old kid making a major life decision, one that in the end probably isn't the best of ones, but that's the beauty of America right?

We are free enough still to make our own choices about what we want to do to make us money and to make us happy in life. In that vain good luck. 

As for the Spartans, perhaps a dude with clear video's of him smoking weed and openly talking about it saves them a potential headache on drug related offenses or suspensions for testing positive for weed. So there's that….


UPDATE: According to a new post via (the source of the original story) MSU is calling this a "mutual decision" by Harris and the coaching staff. So in real world terms this is what they mean: We pulled the kids scholarship after he posted a video of himself firing up a fatty behind the wheel of a car and smoking the ganj in some weird attic with all sorts of tagging on it. 

Of course the best part is now that Harris is claiming he told the coaching staff that he wanted out two weeks ago, yet the release comes now…. Hmmm, call me skeptical of the story that he called it quits after all, but then again I may just be a jaded sports writer who's seen one too many fishy stories to believe anything these days.

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