Spartans down a receiver as Caesar announces transfer

Rankings mean nothing – it's a phrase familiar to a lot of fans around Big Ten country and today we have further proof that that is just the case as Michigan State wide receiver Juwan Caesar announced he will be transferring from the program. 

Why the emphasis on rankings mean nothing? Well, Caesar was a member of the class of 2011 and hasn't seen a single down of football in an actual game in East Lansing. All of that after being rated a four star by ESPN and rated as one of the best recruits in the class of 2011 by them as well. 247sports had him as the highest rated wide receiver the Spartans singed in that class too.

Instead of living up to the potential as a sleeper type pick Caesar redshirted his fist year on campus and never saw the field as a redshirt freshman last season, flipping to tight end during practice for the bowl game last year. He also saw his playing time slip in the spring despite a pretty open competition for playing time at the position.

Let this be a lesson to all of you who hang your hats on where your team ranks in recruiting and where specific players rank in recruiting – it's not an exact science and often times they are way off the mark. So, stop relying on them like they are the end all, be all of how awesome your team is or is going to be. 

Recruiting the right people to your program is what matters – after all USC and Texas are full of 5-star "can't miss" prospects and look where that's gotten them in the past three seasons. USC went from preseason No. 1 to losing in the freaking Sun Bowl and Texas hasn't exactly lit the world on fire either.

As for Caesar, he's from the Miami, FL area and his new destination is unknown, but perhaps it's a place closer to home? 

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