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As we continue to look forward to the start of the 2013 football season, we have something special today with a look at the 2013 Michigan State recruiting class. To do so Mike Wilson, who has recently joined SpartanDigest.com will honor us with his time and his knowledge of this class. We here at the B1G Time would like to congratulate him on his new job, which is well deserved!

But lets see his answers to some of the burning questions surrounding the 2013 Michigan State class:

1. TheB1GTimeMSU: In my opinion, the most hyped player coming into this class has been Damion Terry, but which player in your opinion will have the biggest impact at Michigan State before they graduate or leave for the NFL?

Mike Wilson: It’s tough to pick one and project that far ahead, for sure — and it is even tough when Terry is out of the equation. I’m going to go with another safe bet: Jon Reschke. He will play early in his career and clearly, between him and Terry, expect to be leaders and captains at MSU. Between his obvious talent and desire to lead, Reschke will be a good one in green and white.

2. TheB1GTimeMSU:Of the three running backs coming in (Gerald Holmes, R.J. Shelton and Delton Williams) which, if any, do you see earning the starting spot in 2013? Also, what does each back bring to the position that is unique?

Mike Wilson: I feel it will be Holmes, if anyone. Holmes averaged more than 10 yards per carry as a senior and is a big running back, which has people thinking of him as a Le’Veon Bell-type. He has been working hard and it shows, as he looked the part when I saw him walking around at an MSU camp. Shelton brings the speed element, and he also has put on more muscle. Williams is another big, physical back — like Holmes.

3. TheB1GTimeMSU:In a perfect world Damion Terry would redshirt, but he has said that he and the coaches have not completely thrown out the possibility that he will play in 2013. With that being said, how do you see Terry’s 2013 season playing out?

Mike Wilson: If Terry shows in fall camp early that he has a decent grasp (for a freshman) of the playbook, it will be tough to not put him out there. That said, what it comes down to is if the coaches see enough to believe he will start next year. If they do, he will play this year. If they aren’t sure, they likely redshirt.

4. TheB1GTimeMSU:Do you see linebackers Jon Reschke or Shane Jones getting playing time in 2013 and which of the two is most likely to redshirt?

Mike Wilson: It very well could be that both will see the field this year. I think it is slightly more likely with Reschke, but both are REALLY good players for MSU to have on the roster and are future starters at linebacker.

5. TheB1GTimeMSU:Does this class have the typical Mark Dantonio 3 star player? If so, which player or players do you think teams will be kicking themselves for passing on in the future like they have in the past with players such as Kirk Cousins and Le’Veon Bell.

Mike Wilson: Noah Jones, a defensive tackle from Florida, was the most under-the-radar recruit for the class — and could be one of the best when they graduate. He has quick burst and great skills as an interior DL. Playing for a new coaching staff at Dillard High School meant he didn’t get the same exposure, but MSU wound up with him. Cornerback Justin Williams is another good one.

6. TheB1GTimeMSU:Which true freshman will have the biggest impact in 2013 and why?

Mike Wilson: I am inclined to say Holmes. If he even splits carries in the backfield, I think he makes a big difference at the running back position. Kicker Michael Geiger would be the answer to this question, if he wins the starting spot. It very much is dependent upon who can fill a need — and MSU doesn’t have many apart from running back, tight end and kicker. I think Justin Williams is a candidate to make a difference on special teams, too, as MSU lacked an explosive return man last year.

7. TheB1GTimeMSU:It appears that Delton Williams will spend 2013 working with the running backs, but I like his potential as a linebacker similar to Denicos Allen. By the time he is a junior, what position do you see him playing for Michigan State or do you think he will stick at running back?

Mike Wilson: I think he winds up on defense for a few reasons. I don’t think Williams is the answer at running back long term at this time. Especially with adding Gerald Owens in 2014 and possibly a guy like Chris James, it is tough to see Williams sticking there. He is so athletic though, that I could be eating these words a week into fall camp. That said, I like what Williams brings defensively for the future — whether it be at the STAR (Taiwan Jones) or SAM (Denicos Allen) spot.

Delton_Williams.jpg8. TheB1GTimeMSU:As you know I am a big Kevin Muma fan and would love for him to assume the placekicking role. But we do have the number 1 kicker (Michael Geiger) coming in, do you see him playing in 2013 or will he redshirt?

Mike Wilson: From what I have heard, Kevin Cronin currently holds the inside track on the starting kicker spot over Muma. Geiger adds another viable option to the mix. I expect open competition in fall camp, and Geiger has shown the leg/talent to make an impact early.

9. TheB1GTimeMSU: Which defensive player other than the two previously mentioned linebackers do you believe will have the biggest impact at Michigan State in their years at this university?

Mike Wilson: Defensive end Demetrius Cooper. He has Will Gholston-esque size, but is incredibly raw. He only played one game in the past two years, I believe, due to injury as a junior and a variety of factors as a senior (teachers’ strike, transfer rules). The size is there and reports say he has grown a couple more inches to about 6-foot-6 and added some weight. He could be a very special one before his time is done. Cornerback Darian Hicks, offensive tackle Dennis Finley and safety Jalyn Powell make strong cases for this, too.

10. TheB1GTimeMSU: Lets make the last question a fun one, Michigan State has two or more players from Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania coming in. Which recruiting pipeline will produce the best duo for Michigan State in the coming years? In other words, which state will have the two most productive players of the five states mentioned?

Mike Wilson: Where I sit today, I would be a fool not to pick Pennsylvania. Between Terry and Williams, both seem so likely to be big-time contributors quickly in their careers. Of course, if Terry winds up not being the quarterback of the future … this answer is wrong. But, at present, Pennsylvania is the leader. Despite not as glamorous, the duo of Reschke and Finley were second in my mind.

We would like to thank Mike for doing this and wish him luck as he transitions into his new job! Follow him on twitter @MikeWScout for recruiting knowledge and more.

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