Michigan’s Hoke calls out ND for dropping rivalry


Ahh, the good old alumni talk circuit strikes again…. Every year coaches go to these invited speaking engagements and nine times out of ten at some point they put their foot in their mouths or stir up some sort of controversy. Well, today it was Brady Hoke of Michigan doing just that. 

What was his sin? Calling out Notre Dame for cancelling their rivalry series with the Wolverines. 

Hoke didn't just call them out for it though, he called them chicken for doing so. At least that's what ESPN.com's Michael Rothstein is reporting

Here is the direct quote:

"We have unbelievable rivalry games at Michigan," Hoke said. "The Notre Dame, that rivalry, which they're chickening out of … they're still going to play Michigan State, they'll play Purdue; they don't want to play Michigan."

Them would be fighting words normally, however it's hard to dispute what Brady Hoke is saying as anything other than fact. It's interesting that of the three games the Irish play on an annual basis against the Big Ten they chose the best series and the most difficult opponent be the one they let go of.


Yes, someone had to go from their schedule, you know since they entered into that half-assed agreement with the ACC to play five games a season against the conference. That meant 6 games for rivals like USC, Stanford, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue. Add in the ACC games and DAMN that's a ridiculous schedule on an annual basis to say the least.

It's just interesting that one of the longest standing rivalries for the Irish is the one they chose to do away with. If I were Michigan I would've been upset and I probably still would be to and here's why:

I'd be pissed because of the sleazy way Notre Dame handled the whole situation, giving a written notice to the Wolverines brass the night before the Sept. 22, 2012 meeting between the two teams, after all to Michigan fans this is their second biggest rival after Ohio (am I right Maize 'n Blue fans out there?)

Michigan AD Dave Brandon has been nothing but crystal clear that his side loved the rivalry and wanted it to continue and that this had 100% nothing to do with Michigan, but the choice of Notre Dame instead. 

It's actually kind of nice and refreshing to have a coach speak his true thoughts and not sugar-coat things. We as fans and media folks have seen way too many coaches do the PC dance around hot-button issues in the past decade and more. 

Keep telling it like it is there coach Hoke, your honesty isn't unappreciated here. Sometimes the truth hurts and in this case coach Hoke has a very vaild point.

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