Molotov Cocktails and Michigan wrestling, a dangerous mix… Allegedly….

Michigan wrestling isn't exactly a topic we cover on a daily, weekly, heck… ever type basis, but when you hear the words Molotov Cocktail and Michigan wrestling in the same sentence you've peaked our curiosity. According to two members of the Michigan wrestling team have been suspended indefinitely for involvement in the riot following Michigan's loss to Louisville in the NCAA National Championship game, and by their involvement they mean being the ones making and throwing Molotov Cocktails.

File this one in the "you couldn't make this stuff up if you were trying" folder in your memory bank, right? 

According to the article the wrestlers in question are Justin Dozier and Rosario Bruno – both 20 years old. They're being charged with two counts each of possessing/manufacturing explosives. 

If that doesn't qualify for indefinite suspension, I don't know what will… 

What's even richer than all of that is the fact that Dozier received the U-M Athletic Academic Achievement award in his freshman season.

I've spent my fair share of time around NCAA wrestlers in my college days and if any of you have chances are you know they are usually a blast to hang out with and they sure like to party, but there's partying and then there's deciding to make a Molotov Cocktail and riot because your fellow athletes didn't win a national championship. 

We may just have our boneheads of the year award winners and we aren't even halfway through 2013 yet. Congrats bros – way to make your team, your athletic department, and your university like a bunch of moron's. I'm sure the folks down south in Columbus won't have anything to say about this at all…. Right?

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