Minnesota Football Preview: Schedule Breakdown


It’s the final day of our Minnesota Preview week! Today we will be breaking down the Gopher’s schedule. We ranked the toughest non-conference schedule and B1G schedules earlier this week and Minnesota was given the easiest or 12th ranked non-conference schedule and the 4th hardest B1G schedule. I will be breaking down their schedule into three categories: Winnable games, Swing games and not a chance in hell games.

Winnable Games: UNLV, @New Mexico St, W Illinois, San Jose St.

Our rankings seem to play a factor right from the get go, as Minnesota with the easiest non-conference schedule shows us why we ranked them this way as we look at their winnable games. I wouldn’t put this lightly: If Minnesota doesn’t start 4-0 they will have an extremely hard time making it to a bowl game.

Swing Games: Iowa, @Indiana.

Well you can see why we considered Minnesota to have the 4th hardest B1G schedule, as none of their “Winnable Games” come from the conference and only two “Swing games” come from the B1G. Again, if Minnesota hopes to go to back-to-back bowl games for the first time since 08/09 they better knock off Iowa at home and Indiana on the road.  

Not a chance in hell games: @Michigan, @Northwestern, Nebraska, Penn State, Wisconsin, @Michigan State.

If I were a Gopher fan I would have nightmares about this schedule. Minnesota faces 6 of the 7 top teams from the B1G a year a go, only missing Ohio State. The Gophers look to have “no a chance in hell” traveling to Michigan, Northwestern or Michigan State and leaving victorious, and the same could be said about their home games against Nebraska, Penn State and Wisconsin. Finding their way to 6 wins this year with this schedule will be extremely tough to do.


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