Huskers dismiss two following alleged team fight

Over the past 48 hours rumors around Lincoln and Omaha were swirling of a massive team brawl at a party celebrating one of  the team members 21st birthday and now today the fallout begins as two players, both youngsters to the Huskers program have been let go. 

The initial reports surfaced here and alleged that Suttles and Brown, along with cornerback Jonathan Rose and linebacker David Santos, were heavily involved in the fight that occurred at a party for Santos' 21st birthday. 

This isn't a good sign for a team that should be bonding and coming together at this point in time. Fighting in the locker room happens all the time, it's the heat of passion and that's where it should stay. Anytime you've got players taking beer bottles to other players heads at a party there's something seriously wrong and that's exactly what's being alleged at this point in time. 

For us though, this one really smells of the small guys taking the fall. Both Brown and Suttles were freshman (Brown a redshirt frosh) and hadn't seen a down of football in a Huskers uniform. Yet, if reports and rumors are true there were some big name players involved and not a single word has come out from the Huskers as to suspensions or dismissals of players that were expected to become big players on this 2013 Huskers team. 

However, one also has to remember that we are dealing with Bo Pelini and he is much more no nonsense than most coaches would be in regards to this stuff. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of this alleged "massive team fight" situation and there will be much more revealed in the coming days or weeks. 

Andrew Coppens

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