Buckeyes fan beats cancer in unique way


Those of us in Big Ten country all know what the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is all about. If you're a Wolverine chances are you only speak about THE Ohio State University as simply "Ohio" and if you're a Buckeye you simply refer to the University of Michigan as "That school up north." That's the mild stuff and the stories between these two fan bases are numerous, however earlier today there was a new twist put to this rivalry and it's got a happy ending to boot. 

ESPN.com is reporting on a 12-year-old Ohio State fan who was diagnosed with cancer and in helping to beat the disease he decided the best way to hate it out of his system wasn't to call it what it was, but rather refer to the disease simply as "Michigan."

14 months after being diagnosed with "Michigan" the young Buckeyes fan, who's name is Grant, has done what ever OSU fan hopes happens this November – he beat "Michigan." It wasn't an easy ride at all for the little guy, who underwent an initial 16 1/2 hour surgery to remove the cancer ridden brain tumor. 

He then spent the next 10 weeks recovering and attempting to get back his ability to use the left side of his body, speak, and recover some of his lost vision. According to the report, Grant has been able to return to school while receiving chemotherapy as well as speech and occupational therapy to get himself back to as close to normal as possible.

Now, before you think this is just some crazy Buckeyes fan without a connection, consider this:

Grant's parents were both part of the Ohio State marching band and met there, so the Buckeye blood runs thick in the family to say the least. 

The good news is that Grant is a survivor of cancer, receiving his final chemo treatment just this past Friday. It's these type of stories that make covering sports and being a fan of sports worthwhile.

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