Buckeyes unveil new hockey uniforms

In the sporting world there is nothing more anticipated these days than a good new or alternate uniform unveiling and the Ohio State Buckeyes hockey program provided one of those moments, unveiling their new look alternate uniforms for the inaugural Big Ten hockey season. 

Here are the uniforms: 

Of course, those uninformed or simply not so funny have taken to the good old jokes about pot leafs and getting high. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… So original you idiots. How about this, pick up a book and read about or look up what a Buckeye tree and leaf look like. 

You know, the same things that appear as helmet stickers for the football team?!?!?!?! 

Just saying. Oh, the joke is because the Buckeye leaf is a brighter shade of green than the ones on the helmets of football players…. OH SO FUNNY…. OR NOT. 

Tell me again how those leaves don't look like these: 


Look, if you want to be funny and have a good time at the expense of OSU, go for it. Hell, I'm usually all on board. However, is it too much to ask for you to at least not stoop to the lowest common denominator? Just be original about it. 

As for the uniforms themselves? Not bad for a new era of hockey for the conference and for Ohio State as they welcome new head coach Steve Rohlik to his new spot on the bench (after all he was Osiecki's right hand man at OSU).

Oh and before we let this all go, where were you "it looks like a pot leaf…. hehehehehe" folks when these uniforms came out a few years ago: 

Oh boy…. THOSE GIANT POT LEAFS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Grow the hell up. But hey, that's what you get with mindless bloggers and idiots who can't think for themselves – or dare I say, a.k.a POT HEADS.

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