Gordon Gee gets PAID in “retirement” from OSU

On Monday THE Ohio State University announced their retirement package for former University President Gordon Gee and it's safe to say the man got PAID a ton. As in to the tune of nearly $6 million for his retirement package according to an Associated Press report

He'll receive a one-time payment of $1.5 million and will receive an annual salary of $410,000 as well as getting to keep a $300,000 grant for research on 21st-centry education policy and Gee gets to stay a full professor in the College of Law at OSU. 

Gee is no doubt a controversial individual and that's exactly what got him into "retirement" in the first place. There's also no doubting that he raised BILLIONS of dollars for OSU and a balancing act is required in this situation. 

However, his bigoted comments regarding Roman Catholic priests and the jabs taken at the SEC also deserve some deference too and in the end it sure appears the scale swings to the favor of all he did at OSU over the idiocy and embarrassment he brought the school by opening his mouth in late December of 2012.

Basically the only thing that is changing for Gee is he won't have the title of University President. It sure seems that everything else he was doing at OSU will stay in place. 

So, at the end of the day the message seems to be as long as your bigotry is against catholics (since that's only form seemingly still acceptable to a majority of Americans) and your stupidity directed at rival conferences we'll just push you to the background, but you'll continue to earn money and stay associated with the University. 

Perhaps we should be holding those in charge of educating our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters to a higher standard of moral and ethical behavior, not rewarding them on the way out for disgraceful and bigoted comments? Just a thought to ponder….. 

Andrew Coppens

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