OSU’s Hyde not to be charged… Your Move Urban

It's safe to say the last eight days have been a whirlwind and yet another cautionary tale for those of us in the media as Carlos Hyde went from kicked off the team to indefinitely suspended and then from not contacting a woman to slapping her in the face. Now today comes news that the Columbus police are not going to charge Hyde with assault after all.

However, the devil in this case is in the details as it appears that the police aren't charging because the victim in this case isn't interested in pressing charges. So, while Hyde won't be facing jail time there's still the little matter of video evidence of him slapping a female in the face – something Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer made very clear wasn't tolerated in his program. 

UPDATE: The full video of the incident in question has been released. If you want to see the incident fast foward to about the 3min mark and look on the right side of the video. Pretty clear both people slap each other. 

That means, while the law may not come down on him morality and doing what is right vs. what is wrong very well could. Perhaps, Hyde is suspended for a game or two and the world is shown that no one is above reproach when it comes to how you are supposed to represent the university. 

What has also become very clear over the past eight days is that Meyer is clearly not above forgiving a player if he can help him win a championship and it's hard to argue that having Hyde as your lead running back doesn't give you a better chance to win football games. 

So, Urban…. It's your move. Are you going to show the world that principals and living by a moral code of conduct are more important than winning football games or are you going to prove most of the sporting world right – you care most about winning and whatever happens off the field be damned?

Meyer was willing to show the door to one incoming freshman and revoke the scholarship for this year of another for events that took place two weekends ago – but those two weren't exactly game changers for this team. It's easy to make those choices when the choice is really made for you. 

Now it's on Urban to stand up and send a message one way or the other. Whatever he decides to do with Carlos Hyde will certainly go a long way to telling the tale of exactly what Meyer's priorities are. 

At the end of the day don't expect Meyer to do much of anything if history is any track record and that's a shame, because violence against women in any way, shape, or form is NOT OK and ultimately those that look to the sports world as the end all, be all growing up would be better off having that message sent than worrying about winning a game of football.

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