SEC Hack goes off on Miller, OSU while naming him 2nd Heisman favorite

So, ya… Braxton Miller is Danny Sheridan's 2nd favorite for the Heisman trophy in 2013, putting him at 7:1 odds to win the most prestigious annual award in college football. However, don't get it twisted…. He's not a fan of Miller, Urban Meyer, the Big Ten, or Heisman Trophy campaigns. 

In fact he let it fly in an interview with, to the point of calling Urban Meyer "overrated" and saying that it's all about the PR for Meyer and that's why he's likely to win. I mean this stuff is classic SEC hate if I've ever seen it. So, what did he have to say? Well, try these bombs on for size: 

First the age old…. SEC is awesome and everywhere else sucks argument…. 

"If Braxton Miller played in the SEC … he'd be in a M.A.S.H. unit. He wouldn't finish the season. If Ohio State played in the SEC and they played a normal SEC schedule, they'd lose at least four games. This ain't like playing Indiana. They'd be 6-6."

Never mind the guy is about as tough as they come and has put his team on his back more than once in getting up that 12-0 hill last season. I seriously question if this guy has even watched a single down of football OSU has played in the past two years.

But that was just a part of it as Sheridan kicked it off with this gem…. 

"He's not even in the same league with Manziel, or Yeldon or Murray. But he quarterbacks an Ohio State team that is a super – and underline the word super – PR machine.

"If they go 12-0, which they really should – they'll be favored to, but I don't think they will – you'll be hearing how wonderful this guy is."

For someone based in Mobile, AL none of this should be shocking to you. Let's see… I'm betting he hit for the "SEC Guy" trifecta. The Big Ten is so easy to run through – CHECK…. Ohio State is all hype – CHECK….. and the ever present "If they played in the SEC" argument – CHECK. Could the guy get more ridiculously stereotypical "SEC guy?" It's certainly hard to imagine any stereotype he didn't lay out in his "opinion" 

Hey Sheridan, how about the fact that Miller has managed to rack up over 3,000 yards passing, nearly 2,000 yards rushing, 48 total TD's (28 passing, 20 rushing), and average over 216 yards of total offense on his own throughout his just TWO years on the OSU campus. 

Then there was the last bit of pure SEC hack and source of his hatred for this all… Urban Meyer: 

"Miller's a great athlete, but overrated Urban Meyer didn't recruit him – he inherited him, just like he's inherited talent wherever he's been," Sheridan said, referring to Ohio State's head coach, who previous coached at Florida.

Can you spell S-E-C and H-A-C-K? If so you are likely spelling it Danny Sheridan. 

Look, if you want to say Yeldon is a better player or Manziel is only going to get better and should be a favorite that's fine and if you aren't a fan of Miller's game cool – but at least base your arguments in fact and logic. I know that's asking a lot from someone in Alabama, but dude… you are supposed to be some national expert and you are offering up arguments that I could find on any SEC lovefest message board… Come on, is it too much to ask you to at least try and be original?

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