PSU basketball returning to Rec Hall, for one time only!!

Can't you just picture the radio and TV ads already….. "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY – Come see Penn State Basketball at Rec Hall. Get your tickets NOW… HURRY before they are all sold out." (I swear I should be in advertising, huh? lol). No, but in all seriousness Penn State basketball is actually getting some attention in JULY and that's because earlier on Wednesday they announced that their contest against Princeton will take place at Rec Hall

That's significant for a number of reasons, but first and foremost because Rec Hall was the home of Penn State basketball from 1929-1996. Secondly this is awesome news for those PSU fans and students who HATE the Bryce Jordan Center and its complete lack of anything resembling atmosphere. 

Instead of playing to 8,000 fans in a 16,000 seat venue the Nittany Lions will play in a venue that barely seats 8,000. That means a massive home court advantage when the Tigers come to town on December 14th. 

For those who either weren't yet born or too young to remember, Rec Hall was a hell of a raucous place for the Nittany Lions opponents to survive, here's video proof from when Indiana came to town during the 1994-95 season (PSU's 2nd in the Big Ten). 

Rec Hall is where Penn State Volleyball pummels opponents, so much so they own one of the best home winning streaks in all of college sports (94 games) – a total only surpassed by Kentucky, St. Bonaventure, and UCLA men's basketball (UCLA's 99 game streak is in serious jeopardy this season by PSU volleyball). 

For one night only maybe Pat Chambers' squad can experience a true home court advantage like no other. Too bad this team is likely to only experience this type of atmosphere just this once thanks to the massive departure of guard Jermaine Marshall, who has decided to transfer to Arizona State. 

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