The Penn State saga continues as Penn. Governor files Anti-Trust suit against NCAA

On Wednesday morning the governor of the state of Pennsylvania announced he will be suing the NCAA to stop to sanctions against Pennsylvania State University. Yep, this is the story that just won't go away and it's a shame because all it is is a distraction once again from the ultimate story in all of this – the kids that were abused by a sexual predator named Jerry Sandusky. 

Having said that, why is Penn. governor Tom Corbett suing the NCAA? Simply put, he calls what the NCAA handed down as punishment "illegal sanctions." Corbett announced on Wednesday that the state of Pennsylvania is filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA. The goal of the suit is to vacate all sanctions against Penn State and get rid of the $60 million fine the athletic department must pay to the NCAA to use for child sex abuse awareness.

No doubt there are going to be Penn State fans who welcome this challenge, they are also the same group that think the new PSU administration just rolled over and took what the NCAA was giving them, so it's understandable they'd be thinking this is a welcome step. Especially with Corbett seemingly giving this vocal minority seeming credence by calling the Freeh report "incomplete" at best. 

On the other hand, there's no doubt there will be Penn State and college football fans all over the country wondering why the state of Pennsylvania needs to get involved with this in the first place. 

Corbett sat in front of the media and claimed this had nothing at all to do with politics, but "doing what's right for the citizens of Pennsylvania" and that the timing of this lawsuit was all about making sure the focus was on Bill O'Brien's 2012 football team and not what was going on off the field of play. (As if that somehow makes any of what Sandusky did better?)

He also claims it's because the NCAA isn't about to spend all of the $60 million from the PSU penalty in the state of Pennsylvania exclusively and that's "just not right."

Anytime a politician gets involved in something like this it's ugly and it reeks of hypocrisy to say the least. Does Corbett really expect any rational or sane person to believe this wasn't motivated by politics at all? After all in one breath he said it wasn't about politics and then in the next he claimed it was all about timing and the optics of it all. Pretty sure that's what politics is all about – you know, doing what will look best for yourself and the consequences be damned.

Corbett, can you and your fellow politiicans in the state house out there stop with this "it's what's best for the citizen's" crap. If it was, you would've filed this suit immediately, if it was about that you wouldn't have cared about what was happening on the field at Penn State, and if it was you wouldn't be doing this right now… You know, right before the incoming attorney general begins to look into yourself and the others along the way inside the state's attorney general's office.

In the end it's sad because we're sitting here talking about a bunch of self-serving politicians attempting to make a name for themselves by being the knight in shining armor to a group of $$$ loving Penn State alums instead of talking about how we can all do our part to keep the victims of this terrible crime spree in our thoughts.

Ultimately, that's what this should all be about and until the politicians and both sides of the "sanctions" argument figure that out we're all losers in the end. 

Andrew Coppens

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