We’re Expanding…. to Penn State coverage!

As we ramp up to our 1st anniversary with this group at the helm, we've put out the call for more Big Ten fans to join us in our coverage of all things Big Ten. Some of you have answered that call and we say thank you. So, today we are proud to announce that along with our extensive conference wide coverage and the great work done by Will in covering all things Michigan State…. We're expanding with our newest addition to the family, Tim Bamford! 

Tim will be covering all things Penn State for us. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Tim in his own words: 

I grew up outside of Philadelphia and have been a Penn State and Philadelphia sports fan my entire life. I went to PSU in 2007 and graduated in 2011.

I'm a third generation Penn Stater. I was raised around Joe Paterno football my entire life and the team and the school are a deep rooted family tradition.

That type of life long exposure allows me to have a unique perspective on the history of the team, where it is right now and where I believe it is headed.

My coverage for the site is going to be Penn State centered. I will make every effort to relate things going on with the conference from a Penn State matchup point of view. I am going to provide as much team coverage and share as many thoughts as possible through the twitter account @theb1gtimepsu. I will also be a regular contributor to the blog.

I am going to try and be as progressive as possible. Personally I think the current coverage of the team is not up to par. Very few people will share opinions and thoughts that aren't already widely accepted. I see the same stuff over and over again. People, for some reason, are afraid to delve into deeper topics that offer their readers more substantive content.

With that said I'm extremely excited to be on board and I look forward to, and encourage everyone's feedback. Don't be surprised if you see me throw gasoline on some controversial topics to stir the pot. I like interaction with people who have much different viewpoints than mine. Sports banter is my speciality and I look forward to this challenge.

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