Rutgers turning to new home for new AD?


Rutgers athletics has been in the headlines more so in the past month than ever before and for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to an idiot coach and an administration that wouldn't know it's elbow to it's ass things are changing in New Brunswick to say the least. Gone is the man that guided the RU brand to the Big Ten, Tim Pernetti, and in…. Well, there are three leading candidates and not surprising is the fact that all three have major Big Ten ties. 

The three names to emerge are Wisconsin deputy AD Sean Frazier, Louisville executive senior AD Julie Hermann, and Fresno State AD Thomas Boeh. All three have ties to the Big Ten in big ways. 

Frazier has been in the athletics department at Wisconsin since 2007 and elevated to his current post in 2011. Hermann graduated from Nebraska where she starred as a Volleyball player and Boeh graduated with a masters in athletic administration at Illinois, is a Chicago native, and spent time at the Big Ten Network in various roles. 

It's safe to say the administration at RU is looking to make sure their footing is solid within the structure of the Big Ten by bringing in people familiar with schools and the conference as a whole. 

Today, Monday, May 6th is the deadline for applications in full and the committee of 26 panelists will sift through things, but clearly those three names have stuck out. 

It's about as smart a move the Scarlet Knights could make since Pernetti isn't coming back ever (despite a grassroots effort on campus and amongst some alumni). Having someone with ties to the Big Ten and it's teams can be important in bridging the gap and smoothing the transition from The American (that's what the American Athletic Conference wants us all to call them… and we thought the B1G was pretentious with it's Leaders and Legends division names, huh?) to their new home in 2014-15. 

Look for a decision to be made sooner than later as this school needs all the time it can get to get things running in the right direction heading into the big, bad, Big Ten.

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